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How do I get to the San Blas?
Please read our Travel to San Blas page
Do I need a visa to travel to Panama?
A 6 months validity passport is enough for most countries.
Do I need vaccinations in Panama?
You might need a yellow fever vaccination before entering the country, but this depends on the country you’re traveling from. The best is to check with your local health organization.
How can I get money in Panama?
In Panama city you will find various ATM’s where you can withdraw cash with your card. Panama is a dollar economy and uses the US dollar. You cannot get money in the San Blas, so if you want to buy souvenirs make sure you have cash with you!
What should I bring on board?
Don’t bring too much, people often end up using half of what they bring. It’s hot and warm so forget about bringing warm clothes. Bring sun protection and enough $1 bills as the Kuna’s never have change in case you want to buy something.
What about insurance on board?
You must always carry your own travel insurance.
When is the best time/period to visit Panama?

Panama has two seasons. The summer season lasts from mid-December to may and the green season from May to December. When to go depends on what you want.

In the summer it’s usually dryer and sunnier. There’s also more wind because of the continuous North East trade winds, which makes it a perfect season for sailing, windsurfing, etc.

In the green season the weather can be hot and steamy. There’s more rain but it tends to come in sudden short downpours that freshen the air and are followed by sunshine. There’s no continuous wind, which makes it a perfect season for snorkeling because there is little movement and current in the water.

Panama lies very close to the equator and enjoys a tropical climate. Temperatures vary between 25-30 º C (80-90 Fahrenheit). Humidity is very high.

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