Sailing trips in San Blas, Sail along with boat owners.

This is Caribbean beauty at its best. The 365 picturesque palm tree covered islands of the San Blas Archipelago are set in beautiful turquoise waters at the Caribbean coast of Panama. You can’t get more “away from it all” than this.

Tropical Paradise
The San Blas Islands were selected as one of the top “best sailing destinations in the world” by Cruising World and Le Monde Voyage magazines. The islands are protected by a large reef which makes the area ideal for sailing. You can cruise from island to island in an hour where you simply throw out the anchor and enjoy another beautiful beach, this makes the San Blas a good place to cruise around with kids too.

Depending on the wind and on your wishes for the day we will make a program for the day. Maybe you’d like to go snorkeling at a beautiful reef close to a deserted island or you prefer to see some culture and visit an inhabited island where you’ll experience how close the Kuna’s live to their traditions.

The Kuna Indians
The Kuna are an Indian tribe in Panama, they number approximately 35,000 of which the majority lives in the San Blas Islands. They speak their own language called “Tule”. They live traditionally in thatched roof huts made from materials readily found in the jungle.

The women wear wrap-around skirts and beautifully hand-made blouses decorated with “molas”. The Mola is a sewn picture made from layers of cloth. Kuna women also paint their faces with a homemade rouge made from achiote seeds. They also usually wear a nose ring and paint a line down their nose.

The men are amazing fishers and will sell the cook on board whatever he caught fresh for the day; lobster, snapper, or do you prefer some king-krab? There are so many more traditions and rites, but instead of writing about it it’s better to experience it.

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