Sailing trips in Las Perlas, Sail along with boat owners.

Surrounding the Isthmus of Panama, this set of islands is comprised of several major islands plus a number of small islets, reefs and 83 beaches.

Sun Bathing/Beachcombing
Hundreds of meters of deserted beach just for to wander around in search of the perfect shell or just lie down and enjoy the sun.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving
There’s beautiful snorkeling in the Pearl Island. The reefs are great and the diversity of the fishes is amazing. You can snorkel just jumping of the boat. For those who would like to go deeper you can join the local Padi club and join them for an adventurous dive.

Bird & Whale Watching
It’s just a pleasure to sit on the deck of the yacht and watch the birds flying around; frigate birds, pelicans, cormorants, ibis, hawks, egrets, herons. While sailing the dolphins will come to join the boats. Whale spotting can be done in two seasons: July to October and January to March.

Panama’s waters are known to be abundant of sea life; dorado, sailfish, marlin, tunas, bone fishes, king fishes, etc… You can either trawl from the yacht while sailing from one island to the other, charter a professional fishing boat for an afternoon or just walk along the beach with your fishing rod. Whichever way you fish a catch will be garanteed.

On Contadora and some other islands, you can hike along the trails to discover to fauna and flora like spider monkeys, iguanas, small deers and peacocks.

On Contadora you can enjoy a romantic dinner if you feel like visiting the local restaurants and bars.

Sailing Charter Las Perlas, Panama Sailing Charter Las Perlas, Panama