Fresh Crab and Lobster

San Blas Sailing Charter

We had such a great experience in the San Blas. Our skipper Mike was a fantastic host, very relaxed and a great sailor too. He made a great effort to make this trip really special. We swam and snorkelled at many beautiful spots. We also visited a Kuna Island with only 6 inhabitants, where we bought fresh crab and lobster that our skipper prepared for us on the boat.

All in all it was an very relaxing and adventurous experience. I highly recommend this beautiful sailing experience to anyone.

Anne Begheyn

Beautiful Sailing

charlie in san blas

I spend 1 week in the San Blas with Oceantrips and it was truly an experience of a lifetime. 7 Days of swimming, surfing, snorkeling, delicious fresh sea food and above all beautiful sailing. Thanks guys!

Charlie MacGregor

Kuna Culture


Discovering the Kuna culture was a unique experience. I learned so much from the way they live. They are truly in touch with nature. I really enjoyed our fishing trips and learning about traditional 'Mola' clothing. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in discovering a truly authentic culture.

Charlotte Sleijpen

A Robinson Crusoe experience

San Blas

Sailing around in the San Blas gives a unique sense of freedom. A great way to escape modern live and feel really close to nature. There are 360 Islands to choose from and with hardly any other boats around you get a real Robinson Crusoe experience. I will come back for more beautiful escapes.

Simon Sluis